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Group discussion Is race America's new religion?

Red carpet movie screening "Losing Our Religion"

Panel of ex-clergy

What IS humanism?

Group discussion Can humanism be spiritual?

Volunteering at food bank

Fred Edwards lecture Creation -vs- Evolution

Freethinking at the Flag

Fred Edwards lunch with raffle winners

Local Organizer promoting NaNoCon

No events are scheduled at this time
Nashville, TN, USA
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With the help of friends and my community, I have organized and hosted many events in Nashville with the simple goal of bringing people together for meaningful conversation. Past events include; panel discussions, lectures and guest speakers, library meet-ups, movie screenings and even community volunteering. 


Whether they are areas of science or philosophy; spirituality or social justice; civil liberties or secular governance; local, national or global issues; public policy or environmentalism, I hope that our willingness to engage in these tough conversations will inspire others and be a catalyst for informed thinking and effective action. 

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