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a quick run down

I live in a community where Christianity is considered the only valid way to establish moral truths and am often asked by strangers what church I attend.

the south

I am a feminist but I believe the #metoo movement has caused unjust casualties and is starting to morph into a kind of toxic feminism that I don't support.


I was banned from my child's Facebook class page for organizing "Free Thinking at the Flag" as an alternative to "Prayer at the Pole."


I believe there is no such thing as free will and this should cause us to express a deeper compassion and empathy towards one another.


I am a wife and mother of four children. I also have 4 dogs and 3 cats. I am originally from Central Oregon but relocated to Nashville in 2014. 


My biggest peeve is when unqualified people chime in. It would do us all well to remind ourselves that we are rarely the smartest  person in the room.

know when to shut it

Its a love/hate thing. Some days I have to walk away from it and I've noticed I am happier when I'm not using it at all... 

social media

I love podcasts so much that I hardly ever listen to music anymore.


I am a dog lover and spend time training everyday with my dogs. I have two Belgian Malinois pups I do IPO training with and also have a German Shepherd and Springer Spaniel. They are smarter than some people I know.


I believe that identity politics are ultimately counterproductive. However, I’m not totally convinced that we would have made such rapid progress without them.

identity politics 

Driving on Sunday while the metro police disable traffic lights to direct church congestion on public streets makes my blood boil.


Also, fuck religion.



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