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Group discussion Is race America's new religion?

Red carpet movie screening "Losing Our Religion"

Panel of ex-clergy

What IS humanism?

Group discussion Can humanism be spiritual?

Volunteering at food bank

Fred Edwards lecture Creation -vs- Evolution

Freethinking at the Flag

Fred Edwards lunch with raffle winners

Local Organizer promoting NaNoCon

No events are scheduled at this time
Nashville, TN, USA

With the help of friends and my community, I have organized and hosted many events in Nashville with the simple goal of bringing people together for meaningful conversation. Past events include; panel discussions, lectures and guest speakers, library meet-ups, movie screenings and even community volunteering. 


Whether they are areas of science or philosophy; spirituality or social justice; civil liberties or secular governance; local, national or global issues; public policy or environmentalism, I hope that our willingness to engage in these tough conversations will inspire others and be a catalyst for informed thinking and effective action. 


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